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Veterans Data Central

Veterans Data Central

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The Housing Assistance Council has published the website Veterans Data Central to provide information on the social, economic, and housing characteristics of veterans in the United States.

Data tables for individual counties include a helpful color-coded key as to the reliability of the estimate, based on the margin of error for that characteristic.

State fact sheets present basic information on veterans in an easy-to-read, infographic style.  Maps are available for some state and county measures.

The site is derived from American Community Survey Five-Year Estimates for 2009 – 2013 and includes several characteristics at the state and county levels. Other data come from Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Data, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Point in Time (PIT) Annual Homeless Counts, and U.S. Department of Veterans VA Health Care Facilities.

Although there is no direct information on transportation access, transportation planners and stakeholders concerned with planning for veterans’ mobility may find the social, economic, and housing indicators useful to consider, along with feedback from veterans within their regions.

The Housing Assistance Council (HAC) is a national nonprofit corporation established in 1971 to increase the availability of decent and affordable housing for rural low-income people. HAC provides below-market financing, technical assistance, training, research, and information services to the for-profit, nonprofit, and public sectors. HAC developed this web resource with sponsorship from JPMorgan Chase & Co.

For more information, visit Veterans Data Central.

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