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State Practices for Local Road Safety

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A new safety publication has been released by the Transportation Research Board (TRB).  The National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Synthesis 486: State Practices for Local Road Safety report provides an overview of state efforts to address safety on locally owned and maintained roads.  The report includes an overview of practice and challenges, as well as case studies of ten states.

Although many interesting and useful practices are presented throughout the report, three states include noteworthy information about the roles of regional and rural transportation practitioners in state-supported efforts to address local roadway safety. Connecticut DOT solicits its Regional Planning Organizations (which include metro and rural regions) for potential safety improvements within their regions, and it involves regional representatives in its current Strategic Highway Safety Plan update.  After an initial pilot program, Michigan expects to have local road safety action plans developed within all of its State Planning and Development Regions.  Ohio DOT maintains the GIS Crash Analysis Tool (GCAT) for users including regional planning entities to access maps of roadway segments and download crash attributes.


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