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FHWA Publication: Integrating Road Safety into NEPA Analysis

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The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and partners released Integrating Road Safety into NEPA Analysis: Practitioner’s Primer in 2011.  The document presents practitioners with concepts for including meaningful analysis of project safety issues and for taking advantage of tools, research, and techniques for improving road safety. The primer is designed to provide information for both NEPA practitioners who want to learn more about addressing safety and safety practitioners who want to learn how safety considerations can be incorporated in the NEPA process.

According to FHWA, this primer is organized into easy-to-use sections that walk users through the steps to accomplish integration. These steps include:

  • Considering Safety Prior to NEPA;
  • NEPA Overview and Levels of Documentation;
  • Public and Stakeholder Outreach;
  • Purpose and Need Statements;
  • Alternatives Analysis;
  • Defining the Affected Environment; and
  • Analysis of Environmental Impacts and Mitigation.

View the report here.

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