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EPA Releases EnviroAtlas Ecosystem Mapping Tool

EPA Releases EnviroAtlas Ecosystem Mapping Tool

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently released EnviroAtlas, a web-based interactive tool that integrates over 300 data layers to help decision makers understand the implications of planning and policy decisions on ecosystems and the communities who depend on goods and services from these ecosystems.  EnviroAtlas combines hundreds of data layers from EPA, the U.S. Geological Survey, the U.S. Forest Service, several universities, and other federal, state, and nonprofit organizations.  Using powerful web application tools, it lets users generate customized maps and images that show the condition of their local community’s air, water, and landscape, as well as population density and other demographic data.  Users can investigate land cover patterns, see how ecosystem services reduce pollution, and compare indicators across selected communities.  The data, maps, and information available through EnviroAtlas can help users learn about ecosystems and the benefits they provide—from clean air and water to protection from severe weather to materials for food, clothing, and pharmaceuticals—and visualize how decisions impact ecosystems and their ability to provide goods and services.

Click here to access EnviroAtlas.  No special software is needed to use it.  EnviroAtlas is currently not optimized for smartphone or tablet use, but a mobile-friendly version is planned for the future.

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