Public Participation

  • Sep 01

    Racial Equity Tools

    The newly redesigned website Racial Equity Tools provides information on issues related to equity and institutional racism and more.  With fundamental information on key (...)

  • Jul 22

    Title VI Requirements for Rural Transit Webinar Offered by National RTAP

    With various activities and responsibilities, rural transit providers have a unique role in the transit world.  To ensure rural providers understand their Title VI respo (...)

  • Jun 22

    Google Ad Grants Available for Nonprofits

    Looking for ways to increase public participation in your regional development organizations’ efforts? Generate donations for a project? Register volunteers for an even (...)

  • Jun 11

    EJSCREEN: Environmental Justice Screening and Mapping Tool | US EPA

    U.S.  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released EJSCREEN: Environmental Justice Screening and Mapping Tool that uses high resolution maps combined with demograp (...)

  • Mar 18

    Tip Sheet: Planning Friendly Meetings

    Planning the next public meeting?  Before you do, check out this document: Tip Sheet: Planning Friendly Meetings, Going Beyond the ADA to Make Your Meeting Place User-Fr (...)

  • Feb 17

    Missouri Amendment 7 Prioritization Process

    Earlier this year, the Missouri State Legislature passed a measure to place a constitutional amendment for a 75-cent transportation sales tax on the 2014 primary ballot. (...)

  • May 19

    Collaborative Approaches to Long-Range Planning

    A new article by Robert Deyle (Florida State) and Ryan Weidenman (Atkins Global) in the Journal of Planning Education and Research uses surveys of local officials in MPOs (...)