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Web-Map Application for Public Fixed-Route Bus Service

Web-Map Application for Public Fixed-Route Bus Service

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To support the daily fixed-route transit service of Greenway Public Transportation, the Western Piedmont Council of Governments (WPCOG) staff collected details on the 349 bus stops in the bus routes. Using ArcGIS Online, WPCOG created the Web-Map Application for Public Fixed-Route Bus Service to make this information on location, schedule, and details of each bus stop available to the public and Greenway dispatchers. The availability of a sidewalk, bench, or shelter and a photo of each bus stop aides riders in planning their trips. The map is available on Greenway’s website and is available to Android and Apple mobile users. Map users can search for a specific location or use their current location to find the closest stop. This project is part of a larger partnership between Greenway Public Transportation and WPCOG in which staff help determine current and future transit needs, use GIS to support map creation and route planning, and provide passenger sampling services to develop statistical data about the transit service. The new web-map application is seen as a cost-effective model for providing information to the public, with other small transit providers seeking to replicate the map.

This initiative received a 2015 NADO Innovation Award.  For more information, contact:

Tom Bell | GIS Analyst | [email protected]

Anthony Starr | Executive Director | [email protected]

Hickory, NC | 828.322.9191 | |

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