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Grand Strand Routing and Wayfinding Plan

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The Waccamaw Regional Council of Governments developed the Grand Strand Routing and Wayfinding Plan to ease travel in the 60 mile-long urbanized area around Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, an area that draws an estimated 14.6 million visitors annually to its popular beach communities. The plan identifies improvements including those to existing signage, installation of a changeable message board system displaying travel time information, and a zone wayfinding system in which smaller destinations can associate themselves with the larger beach zone name, color, and logo. The plan also defines the preferred routing to major destinations for both the existing and future transportations systems so that information provided through online mapping or in-vehicle navigation providers is consistent, efficient, and matches highway signage. A separate document, the Grand Strand Routing and Wayfinding Guide, provides local governments a template for installing a local destination signage that complements the regional and highway guides. The plan and guide were completed following an inventory of existing route and destination signage, an origin-destination study conducted with Bluetooth technology, and facilitated an extensive public input process. Project partners included the departments of transportation for both South Carolina and North Carolina, as well as local governments and the Federal Highway Administration.

This initiative received a 2015 NADO Innovation Award.  For more information, contact:

Sarah Penick Smith | Executive Director | [email protected]

Georgetown, SC | 843.546.8502 | |

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