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Using TRB Snap Searches for Planning and Environmental Linkages

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Transportation planners are well aware of the importance of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Environmental assessments and impact statements ensure development and sustainability can coexist. While necessary, this process naturally extends project schedule and costs. Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) represent a adapted approach intended to minimize duplication of effort. By incorporating environmental review early into the planning process, PEL-embracing projects can enjoy better outcomes for less time and at lower costs.

Regions working on PEL may benefit from using Transportation Research Board (TRB) Library Snap Searches. Snap Searches are a research tool providing succinct, up-to-date summaries on various topics. These summaries include reports from TRB and the National Academies, current and upcoming projects, and upcoming conferences and webinars. There are over seventy Snap Searches available, updated annually or more regularly. Particularly relevant pages may include:

The TRB Library can provide updates or new documents to TRB Sponsors. They can be contacted with questions or comments at [email protected].

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