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Southern Georgia Adopts Regional Transportation Sales Tax

This week, voters adopted a sales tax to support transportation investments in the 18-county region served by the Southern Georgia Regional Commission.  The region’s stakeholders identified transportation priorities through a

Georgia Transit Map

In Georgia, the state’s regional commissions worked with the Georgia Department of Transportation and Georgia Transit Association to map information from the National Transit Database.  The information shows how much

Northeast Georgia Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Program

The Northeast Georgia Regional Commission (NEGRC) is recognized throughout the state as an innovative leader in bicycle and pedestrian planning. The Northeast Georgia Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Program, funded in

Coastal Georgia Technology and Rural Transit

The Coastal Regional Commission (CRC)’s Regional Coordinated Transit System was established in 2009 after a locally-commissioned study identified the need for a single transit system to serve the region and

River Valley Regional Transit Service

In late 2013, the River Valley Regional Commission (RVRC) was notified that the Department of Human Services (DHS) transit contractor in an adjacent region was discontinuing their contract. Recognizing that

Tour de Farm – Utilizing Cycling to Promote Agritourism

In an effort to encourage alternative modes of transportation and promote the region’s growing sustainable agriculture industry, the River Valley Regional Commission (RVRC) partnered with Café Campesino, Georgia Organics, and


Georgia’s 11 regional commissions serving rural counties have supported Georgia DOT’s statewide planning efforts since 2000.  Their work includes conducting public outreach to support statewide long-range plans, improvement programs, and

2010 – 2013 RPO America Peer Symposium Proceedings

With support from the Federal Highway Administration, the NADO Research Foundation held a special symposium session during the 2010 – 2013 National Rural Transportation Peer Learning Conferences.  Each year, the

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