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Coastal Georgia Technology and Rural Transit

Coastal Georgia Technology and Rural Transit

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The Coastal Regional Commission (CRC)’s Regional Coordinated Transit System was established in 2009 after a locally-commissioned study identified the need for a single transit system to serve the region and operate under a single point of contact. Currently, this demand response system is the only region-wide coordinated rural transit system in the State of Georgia and operates a fleet of 72 buses transporting over 300,000 customers annually with an operating budget of $4,500,000. As the sole administrator of this rural transit system, CRC is responsible for its daily management and provides the administrative resources to facilitate and grow the system.

The initial study recognized the importance of developing a user-friendly system and a quick, reliable communications network in order for the regional transit system to be effective. CRC found that capitalizing on enhanced technology is the solution to accomplishing both of these goals. In the past year CRC has made a number of innovative technology updates to help the system run more efficiently and effectively, including: a state of the art server network that enables thin client technology to easily be transferred to multiple users; updated tablets installed on each bus that provide a closed system for data transfers from the dispatchers to drivers with real time updates that can track bus locations; six wide-screen television panels in the Call Center to enable real-time management displays of bus activity; implementation of an automated Customer Notification System that contacts customers prior to schedule trips to receive validation and notify them of any emergency situations affecting the transit service; and expanded utilization and customization of the RouteMatch Software programs to collect data on dispatch information in order to better tailor the system to its customers in the future.

These five accomplishments, in conjunction with two other pending measures, have made CRC’s rural transit program cost-effective, strategically positioned for growth, operationally effective and sustainable, all while helping to promote the amenities of a livable community.

The Technology and Rural Transit initiative was awarded a 2014 Excellence in Regional Transportation Award.  View descriptions of other award winning projects here.

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