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Rural Tech Webinar 1/24: Contracting Approaches for ITS

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On January 24, 1-2:30 p.m. Eastern Time, the National Rural ITS Steering Committee in association with the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) will hold a free webinar on rural transportation technology. Contracting Approaches for ITS and Transportation Technology Useful for Small and Rural Community Applications will feature presentations on procuring intelligent transportation systems (ITS) technology, software, and services.

The webinar themes will include how rural and small community transportation technology projects can fit into the State Transportation Improvement Program methodology. In addition, presenters will discuss advantages and disadvantages of procurement methods for ITS.

This webinar is free but requires advance registration. Attendees who have not previously attended an ITE event will need to create an account to register for the Contracting Approaches for ITS webinar.

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The National Rural Intelligent Transportation Systems (NRITS) Steering Committee provides guidance on issues related to transportation technology applications to small communities and rural areas, with resources provided by the US Department of Transportation and facilitation from ITE.

For more information and case studies on rural applications of ITS, view the NADO Research Foundation’s USDOT-supported research here.

Many resources on ITS are also available from USDOT’s ITS Joint Program Office Professional Capacity Building Program here.

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