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Integrating Safety in the Rural Transportation Planning Process

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In November 2014, the Federal Highway Administration’s Office of Safety released the guide Integrating Safety in the Rural Transportation Planning Process. Rural areas consistently experience higher numbers of crash-related fatalities and serious injuries than urban areas of the United States. Regional planning organizations (RPO) are poised to assist state departments of transportation (DOT) and local officials in addressing the safety needs in nonmetropolitan areas in accordance with statewide safety goals. RPOs in general engage in a planning process to understand the regional issues and needs, and identify strategies to address them through coordination with regional stakeholders. The opportunity exists to incorporate safety into this existing process.

This Technical Report provides methods for integrating safety into each step of the RPO planning and programming process, to assist in addressing rural roads multimodal safety needs.  The report includes discussion of

background issues relating to safety and transportation planning, as well as integrating safety into public involvement, multidisciplinary coordination, data and analysis, goals and objectives, safety performance measures and targets, project prioritization and programming, monitoring and evaluation, and developing a standalone safety plan.  This report includes case information from rural and small metro regions in many states across the country, and many useful graphics coming from regional planning documents.
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