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FHWA Resources for Local and State Agencies Implementing Rural TSMO

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The Federal Highway Administration has published a new resource presenting a business case for the implementation of Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) in rural communities. TSMO is a toolbox which includes ITS and other strategies to maximize transportation system performance. Its safety and performance benefits can be applied to all modes of transportation.

Rural regions often possess unique transportation challenges. TSMO strategies offer potential solutions, but are often an unfamiliar factor to community leaders. The report provides examples and funding opportunities as a tool for outreach. The support of leaders and stakeholders will be essential in bringing the TSMO toolkit to rural areas, and that support will grow with proven results where it is adopted.

The report in detail touches on emerging trends in transportation technology, and includes ten case studies showcasing benefits and challenges in rural implementation. They encompass five areas of interest: road weather management, traffic incident management, work zones, seasonal demand, and special events.

A PDF version of the report is linked here.

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