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Cross Kentucky Master Trail Plan

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The Bluegrass Area Development District (BGADD) and the Kentucky Office for Adventure Tourism worked together to draft the Cross Kentucky Master Trail Plan (PDF). The plan is a comprehensive how-to guide for trail development, including how to plan a trail, organize stakeholders, acquire the land needed, and construct and maintain trails. All of the state’s Area Development Districts and other leaders worked together to identify planned routes for 11 major trails that will cross the state. Individual communities are expected to tie their trail systems into the larger arterial trails as part of a process to receive state designation as “trail towns,” a concept developed in the plan. As a result of the new trail plan, several communities have already applied to the Office of Adventure Tourism for the designation, and new efforts are being made to create new trails or tie existing trails into the planned network.

This initiative received a 2015 NADO Innovation Award.  For more information, contact:

Shane New | Director of Community Planning | [email protected]

David Duttlinger | Executive Director | [email protected]

Lexington, KY | 859.269.8021 |


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