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The Ark-Tex Council of Governments (ATCOG) developed communications and tracking software to streamline the Rural Transportation District’s demand response system over a nine-county, 5,924 square-mile region. The Ark-Tex Transit Scheduling Software (CaBAW) system uses a data-enabled tablet or PC to run an in-house developed software that allows immediate and streamlined scheduling and updates via the cloud. The system has increased efficiency, since drivers have real-time access to schedules without calling dispatchers. The tablets also allow for push-to-talk, messaging, and location tracking and history. By using their own software rather than commercially available solutions, ATCOG has saved about $15,000 per year on recurring operations costs for similar software, along with $2,000 in savings per each hardware installation. Reporting is completed more quickly and easily, and improved data collection and access has allowed the Rural Transportation District to implement needed improvements and adapt service. For example, evaluation of the para-transit service under the Urban Transportation District allowed ATCOG to separate ambulatory passengers and reduce the overall cost of trips by contracting out services for those individuals.

This initiative received a 2015 NADO Innovation Award.  For more information, contact:

Chris Brown | Executive Director | [email protected]

Texarkana, TX | 903.832.8636 |

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