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Highway Trust Fund 101

The Eno Center for Transportation released the primer Highway Trust Fund 101 (PDF) in June 2015.  The primer answers such questions as “What is the Highway Trust Fund (HTF)? What

Missouri Amendment 7 Prioritization Process

Earlier this year, the Missouri State Legislature passed a measure to place a constitutional amendment for a 75-cent transportation sales tax on the 2014 primary ballot. State law requires such

FHWA Public Private Partnership (P3)

The Federal Highway Administration maintains this website, which contains resources and information related to the use of public-private partnerships (PPPs) in the development of transportation improvements. Resources include: P3 definitions,

Local Finance Options for Transportation Upgrades

Jim Reed of the Central Texas Council of Governments prepared this presentation which describes innovative local funding techniques for transportation improvements, including regional mobility authorities (RMA), comprehensive development agreements (CDAs),

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