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Walk Bike Columbia Plan

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The Walk Bike Columbia Plan envisions an expanded and ADA-accessible network of transit, sidewalks, greenways, trails, and on-street bicycle connections linking people to jobs, schools, destinations, adjacent communities, and one another. In the study process, Central Midlands Council of Governments and the City of Columbia, South Carolina learned that residents are already walking, biking, and accessing transit with a combined total of 40 million trips annually, equal to 30 million miles traveled by bike or on foot. The city is already accruing over $15 million in community-wide benefits from existing walking and bicycling activity. Incremental increases in mode share for walking and bicycling are expected to exponentially grow those monetary benefits to the community.

This initiative received a 2015 NADO Innovation Award.  For more information, contact:

Reginald Simmons | Deputy Executive Director/Transportation Director | [email protected]

Benjamin Mauldin | Executive Director | [email protected]

Columbia, SC | 803.744.5133 | |

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