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Transportation Technology and Innovation Presentations Shared at NADO Annual Training Conference

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On October 21, the session “Deploying Technology to Improve Transportation Systems” was held at the NADO Annual Training Conference.  This session featured presentations from two state agencies about how they are working with local partners to improve transportation technology, data, and decision-making by using intelligent transportation systems.  The discussion also included conversation around unmanned aerial vehicles and capacity building resources for learning about transportation, technology, and intelligent transportation systems.

Presentations and materials are posted below for the comments made by Rod Schilling, Nevada Department of Transportation; Seth Daniels, Nevada Department of Transportation; Stephanie Sudano, North Carolina Department of Transportation; Carrie Kissel, NADO Research Foundation; and moderator Susan Christensen, Greater Eastern Oregon Development Council.

Rod Schilling, Nevada DOT:

Seth Daniels, Nevada DOT:


Stephanie Sudano, North Carolina DOT:

Carrie Kissel, NADO Research Foundation:

Susan Christensen, GEODC:

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