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Transportation Safety Needs in Tribal Communities

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Native American communities have seen historic underinvestment into transportation infrastructure needs. Unsafe or unreliable roads have consequences on health, economic growth, and safety, making their maintenance a priority. Efforts to correct this longstanding discrepancy saw the creation of the Tribal Transportation Program (TTP), a program under the FHWA’s Office of Federal Lands Highway. Funding has come from both the Highway Trust Fund and (from 2016 to 2020) the 2015 FAST Act.

Of particular importance is the TTP Safety Fund (TTPSF). The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law established that 4% of TTP funds will be allocated to the TTPSF. The money is allocated through a competitive, discretionary program to federally recognized tribes. Programs noted eligible for funding include:

  • Developing or updating a transportation safety plan (a toolkit is available here)
  • Assessment, improvement, and analysis of safety data.
  • Systemic roadway departure countermeasures.
  • Infrastructure improvements and highway safety projects (a full list here).

Applications for TTPSF funding for FY2023 are open now. Applications will be accepted until January 15, 2023. A webinar recording giving information on the TTPSF and application process can be viewed at this link. To apply, follow the detailed instructions on this page.

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