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Tech & Innovation Session Materials Available from National Regional Transportation Conference

Tech & Innovation Session Materials Available from National Regional Transportation Conference

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During the 2019 National Regional Transportation Conference (June 17 – 19 in Columbus, OH), several sessions highlighted technology and innovation in rural and small metro regions.  Sessions and presentations included:

Regional Mobility and Intelligent Transportation Systems

Attendees heard success stories and lessons learned of how technology solutions can help agencies to consider improvements to rural and regional transit and mobility solutions, including vehicle tracking, software updates, and microtransit solutions.

Plenary Luncheon: Innovations Shaping Transportation and Mobility

The transportation sector is seeing rapid evolution in many ways, with connected and autonomous vehicles offering new opportunities to improve safety, mobility, reliability, and other benefits. The conference keynote speaker discussed how state agencies, regional organizations, and local governments in Ohio are connecting with education, workforce, economic development partners, and others to solve challenges with transportation technology solutions in communities of all sizes across Ohio.

Regional Intelligent Transportation Systems Noteworthy Practices

Attendees learned about ways to engage with Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) capacity building resources, as well as a variety of project examples on various topics including safety, travel information, use of drones to support transportation and regional planning, and coordinating ITS planning across multiple regions.

Advanced Transportation Technology Workshop

Transportation technology is changing quickly, and small communities and rural regions have much at stake. Workshop participants visited Marysville, OH to learn how the small city is implementing connected infrastructure, including implementing the projects, agency roles, project benefits, and anticipated future results including transportation outcomes and economic development potential to the region. City of Marysville and Union County staff shared information about connected intersections within the City of Marysville, as well as the U.S. 33 Smart Mobility Corridor that connects multiple communities.  Attendees also visited the Transportation Research Center in East Liberty, OH for a tour of facilities and Impact Lab.

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