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Advancing Collaborative Planning: Summary of a Focus Group on Transportation and Economic Development

In March 2016, the NADO Research Foundation held a focus group, during which participants developed a framework that emphasizes doing economic development and transportation planning differently:
Economic development in transportation involves deliberate interventions to produce tangible benefits that are specific to the context, are sustained over time, and make a place more resilient.

Regional Approaches to Resilience: Transportation Infrastructure

In 2011, two federally declared major disasters inundated central Pennsylvania towns and destroyed roads, rails, and bridges. With budgets already stretched thin and the threat of more frequent and intense storm events in the near future, the SEDA Council of Governments has undertaken a number of efforts to build resilience throughout their regional infrastructure networks.

Collaborative Planning in Pennsylvania

This article is a section in the 2014 NADO Research Foundation report Moving toward Performance-based Transportation Planning in Rural and Small Metropolitan Regions. Since the early 1990s, Pennsylvania has had

2010 – 2013 RPO America Peer Symposium Proceedings

With support from the Federal Highway Administration, the NADO Research Foundation held a special symposium session during the 2010 – 2013 National Rural Transportation Peer Learning Conferences.  Each year, the


Since 1992, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has used a forward-thinking and robust program to reach the regions of the state that are not served by MPOs. The state partners

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