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RPO America Peer Exchange: Rural Transportation Planning Programs

RPO America Peer Exchange: Rural Transportation Planning Programs

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On May 16, the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) and its program affiliate RPO America held a virtual peer exchange focused on rural transportation planning programs. Speakers included Krishna Kunapareddy (NADO), Chris Whitaker (Region XII Council of Governments), and Jennifer O’Connor (Northern Arizona Council of Governments). Learning objectives included:

  • Understanding how RPOs work across the country, including common rural transportation planning program responsibilities and unique tasks customized for local conditions
  • Identify common regional planning organization roles to support local transportation planning and implementation needs.
  • Identify common regional organization roles conducted in support of statewide transportation planning, such as long-range plans, short-range capital programs, and modal plans.

View the peer exchange video:

View the speakers’ slides below:

For more information on the models of regional, rural transportation planning used in a variety of states and regions, view NADO’s 2016 research report Regional Rural Transportation Planning: Models for Local Consultation, Regional Coordination, and Regional Transportation Planning Organizations.

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