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Resources for New Urbanized Areas

Resources for New Urbanized Areas

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The release of urbanized areas (UZAs) and transportation management areas (TMAs) following the 2010 Census affects rural and urban geographies in many places, as communities were added to the urbanized area of existing metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) and 36 new urbanized areas were identified that will need to form MPOs or join adjacent existing MPOs.  Although many communities expected that their population had reached the threshold of 50,000 required for establishing an MPO, the discussions over changing the population threshold had kept those areas in limbo until final passage of MAP-21 maintained the threshold.

Useful resources for newly urbanized areas include:

NOTE: AMPO has funding from FHWA to support travel to the conference up to $600 for new MPO areas for a limited number of people.  Contact Rich Denbow at [email protected] for more details.

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