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The NADO Research Foundation is asking regional organizations for help! Please share information about your organization or agency’s regional transportation activities in rural and small metro areas.

Regional Development Organizations, Regional/Rural Transportation Planning Organizations, smaller Metropolitan Planning Organizations and other rural or Tribal agencies can shape the research and training efforts that the NADO Research Foundation is conducting in 2023 with support from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) or other funders.

Please complete this query, which should take 15 minutes or less, to share information on your organization’s transportation activities, transportation and environment, technology, and regional priorities and professional development needs.

Thank you for your information and assistance!

With support from FHWA, RDOs around the U.S., and other supporters, the NADO Research Foundation has conducted transportation research for many years. Much of this work has focused on rural and regional transportation activities and partnerships between state and regional agencies. Click here to see prior work completed by the NADO Research Foundation and other project partners.

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