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NADO Research Foundation Hosts Transit Matching Funds Virtual Roundtable

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As communities across the country struggle to provide public transportation resources for constituents of all types, RDO’s often find themselves in a unique position to provide assistance. A key factor in nearly all available assistance programs are matching fund requirements. In order to secure assistance from publicly available programs, applicants must contribute a portion of the requested funding. Responding to requests from member organizations resulting from recent technical assistance work funded by the United Stated Department of Agriculture, NADO RF on June 14, 2022 hosted a virtual transit matching fund roundtable – providing opportunities to hear from program experts on approaches to generating and accessing matching funds to support transit programming.

Partners from the U.S. Department of Transportation/ Federal Transit Administration, National Rural Transit Assistance Program, AASHTO, and the North Carolina Department of Transportation joined attendees in a robust discussion regarding effective approaches to generating matching funds, creative ideas for in-kind match, and how to leverage concepts including federal fund braiding.

Presentations from the event are provided below:

CCAM Federal Fund Braiding – Danielle Nelson

NCDOT State Transit Funding – Ryan Brumfield

National RTAP Transit Manager Toolkit – Cara Marcus

Additional materials from the Transportation Research Board and AASHTO as referenced during the live event are provided below:

Baseline Research on Allowable In-Kind and Local Match Sources – National Highway Research Program, Transportation Research Board of the National Academies, February 2020 (pdf)

Survey of State Funding for Public Transportation – Final Report, AASHTO, May 2022

A full recording of the event is provided below:

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