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GHSA Releases Safety Report: Speeding Away from Zero

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The Governors Highway Safety Association has released a new report on transportation safety, Speeding Away from Zero: Rethinking a Forgotten Traffic Safety Challenge.  The report focuses on factors related to speeding-related safety risks, cultural acceptance of speeding, policy approaches, improvements to increase the safety of roadways and reduce vehicle speeds, and recommendations for policy and activities.  The report includes a section on rural vs. urban speeding-related fatalities and risks associated with horizontal curves, particularly in rural areas.  The report describes how integrated speed management systems can be an effective part of a Vision Zero program, but notes room for improvement:  “With a focus on infrastructure improvement and vulnerable users, the most assertive Vision Zero approaches tend to occur in urban, rather than rural, areas.”  Click here to view the report and infographics that are available for download and use.

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