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FHWA-NHI Training for ITS and Highway Safety

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The FHWA’s National Highway Institute offers Web-based Training that may be of interest to transportation practitioners. This post will address two specific programs concerning Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). The first, Course 137050, covers the basics of ITS technologies. The second, Course 137070, explores their use in highway safety and transportation planning.

Course 137050 – ITS: What, Why, and How is a 7.7 hour training program consisting of five lessons followed by a final assessment. It is intended to provide an introduction into the history and fundamentals of ITS. Participants should emerge with an understanding of the processes required to plan, procure, implement, operate, and maintain ITS applications. This includes workforce requirements at various stages in the process. The linked page includes a broad target audience, particularly emphasizing entry-level to mid-level managers.

Course 137070 – Improving Highway Safety with ITS is an 8 hour training program consisting of five lessons followed by a final assessment. It explores topics including technologies with the highest potential for safety benefits, past approaches to transportation safety challenges, and incorporating ITS technologies into transportation safety planning. Its target audience includes but is not limited to traffic engineering, highway and traffic safety, planning, operations, and design personnel. Professionals working in both ITS and traffic safety will find this course’s contents important.

You can contact NHI with questions at [email protected] or 877.558.6873.

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