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FHWA Offers Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure Toolkit

FHWA Offers Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure Toolkit

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The Federal Highway Administration has provided this toolkit as a resource for entities seeking to expand bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. Rising interest in non-automobile forms of travel have seen State and local authorities invest in such projects. However, while less costly than some other road projects, the funding and financing they require faces competition. This toolkit reviews proven strategies being used by agencies, including:

  • Value Capture
  • Federal Funding
  • State and Local Funding
  • Local Partnerships
  • Private Grants and Philanthropy
  • In-Kind Donations
  • Individual Donations and Crowdfunding

The toolkit describes a number of federal, state, local, and private funding options, with strategies to access them. Furthermore, it includes six case studies and a six-participant virtual peer exchange providing methods, challenges, and recommendations. This toolkit should be considered a resource to any agencies or organizations interested in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.

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