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FHWA Launches Management and Operations Website

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In coordination with the Federal Transit Administration, the Federal Highway Administration’s Office of Operations and Office of Planning, Environment, & Realty have launched a new website highlighting the importance of Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) strategies. TSMO strategies implement flexible, relatively low-cost solutions intended to revitalize existing transportation systems and allow existing funding to cover changing situations and shifts in resource availability. The viability of these strategies is not limited to high-congestion urban regions; TSMO can increase efficiency in areas with low traffic, as well as mitigating congestion brought on by large events, incidents on the road, or construction.

 With the provable benefits being realized across jurisdictions — among them improved safety, reduced congestion, and cleaner air — TSMO strategies should be shared by state, local, and other organizations, and implemented into existing transit infrastructure even in circumstances where expanding capacity is possible. The website provides resources including case studies and examples of TSMO in action, webinars and other forms of training, and resources specific to various organizations seeking to implement said strategies.

For more information about developments in rural transportation strategies and technologies, explore ITS strategies at this link.

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