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Indiana Rural Transportation Activity Guide

In Indiana, rural planning partners conduct traffic counts, level of service analysis, and planning to support to local governments and Indiana DOT’s central and district

Connecticut Work Program

Two regional councils of governments in Connecticut serve non-metropolitan areas of the state and produce a work program outlining their major efforts.  View the Northeastern

Arizona Rural Planning Work Program

Arizona‘s rural councils of governments perform the following major responsibilities: Public involvement and local official consultation Collecting and reporting roadway performance data Data collection for

Alabama RPO Work Programs

Alabama‘s rural planning partners adopt work programs for the Rural Planning Organizations that outline the work expected to be completed during that year.  Major deliverables

Planners Energy and Climate Database

The American Planning Association’s (APA) Planners Energy and Climate Database includes sample documents from communities that have taken steps to integrate energy and climate change

California Overall Work Programs

The California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) requires its Regional Transportation Planning Agencies to develop Overall Work Programs annually.  These documents, along with the work programs

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