• Mar 12

    Case Studies: 2014 Excellence in Regional Transportation Awards

    In December 2014, the NADO Research Foundation honored projects from across the nation for their work to improve mobility and connectivity and engage in innovative transp (...)

  • Feb 17

    Rural Evacuation Planning in Illinois

    The Bi-State Regional Commission’s Evacuation Plan for the Illinois Bi-State Region serves as a comprehensive and cohesive resource for evacuation planning in Henry, Me (...)

  • Feb 17

    Rural Safe Routes to School Planning

    In partnership with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT), the Minnesota Association of Development Organizations (MADO) has been responsible for actively en (...)

  • Feb 17

    RVAMPO Congestion Management Process Plan

    Roanoke Valley Alleghany Regional Commission’s first ever Congestion Management Process (CMP) Plan was approved by the Roanoke Valley Area Metropolitan Planning Organiz (...)

  • Feb 17

    Roanoke Valley Sustainable Transportation Summit

    Roanoke Valley Alleghany Regional Commission‘s Transportation Demand Management program, RIDE Solutions, partnered with local anti-poverty and environmental nonprof (...)

  • Feb 17

    North by Northwest Connector Regional Transit

    The North by Northwest Connector is a regional transit network that links transit service in Benton, Clatsop, Columbia, Lincoln and Tillamook counties. Transit schedules (...)

  • Feb 17

    Croatan Regional Bicycle + Trails Plan

    The Croatan Regional Bicycle + Trails Plan merges two separate but complementary efforts to create both on-road bicycle routes and a network of multi-use trails throughou (...)

  • Feb 17

    Resilient Region Policies: Sustainable Community Comp Plan Language and Ordinances

    In 2010, a regional consortium led by the Region Five Development Commission (R5DC) was awarded an $825,050 Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant from the Depar (...)

  • Feb 17

    Northeast Georgia Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Program

    The Northeast Georgia Regional Commission (NEGRC) is recognized throughout the state as an innovative leader in bicycle and pedestrian planning. The Northeast Georgia Bic (...)

  • Feb 17

    Coastal Georgia Technology and Rural Transit

    The Coastal Regional Commission (CRC)’s Regional Coordinated Transit System was established in 2009 after a locally-commissioned study identified the need for a single (...)