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Smart Intersections and Signal Timing in Fort Smith, AR

Innovations in ITS promise increasingly nuanced data interactions between an increasing number of systems. The potential benefits of community-scale information exchange have contributed to the concept of a smart community.

A Decision Support Tool for Crash Response and Management

To increase the speed and efficiency of a post traffic incident response, numerous highway-operating agencies have developed and implemented Traffic Incident Management (TIM) programs. When functioning properly, a TIM should

The Dilemma Zone Protection System

The dilemma zone of a high-speed intersection represents the area in which the onset of a yellow light leaves a driver unsure of whether it is preferable to attempt a

The GoBus Mobile App

The GoBus system operated by the East Texas Council of Governments (ETCOG) covers a fourteen-county region of 10,019 square miles with around 30 wheelchair accessible vehicles in service, like the

AV Demonstrations in Small Town Minnesota

Rapid advancements in transportation technologies such as AVs present a major challenge and unprecedented opportunity to enhance safety and mobility. Beyond mitigation of congestion, injury, or death caused by human

Modular Smart Pavement Slabs

Smart Pavement is a technology capable of providing simple, compact deployment of various smart systems along roadways. The technology is typically made up of precast concrete slabs intended to replace

The Ray Highway in West Georgia

The Ray is an independent nonprofit entity operating on the Ray C. Anderson Memorial Highway, which spans an 18-mile stretch of interstate between LaGrange and West Point on Interstate 85

Smart Railroad Ties for Energy Harvesting

Rectangular railroad ties (also called crossties) serve an important role in the function of rail transportation without incorporating advanced technologies. That may change due to ongoing research from the Railway

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