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10 Things Not to Miss at the National Regional Transportation Conference

10 Things Not to Miss at the National Regional Transportation Conference

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What’s so special about planning

for rural and small metropolitan regions?

We asked, and you told us. Content developed in response to regional transportation professional feedback and requests is the foundation of this year’s National Regional Transportation Conference, occurring June 28 – 30, 2017 in Denver, CO.

10 things you’ll miss if you aren’t in Denver:

1. Updates about transportation practice, funding, policy, and regulations from federal partners and NADO’s own government relations staff
2. Mobile workshops that are focused on implementing specific strategies to improve communities, with site visits and discussions with local planners and officials from the tour locations of Golden and Longmont
3. The opportunity for focused networking on rural and small metro topics with professionals from other states through the RTPO Peer Exchange
4. A new lens for looking at transportation’s role in the economy and transportation impacts through the workshop “Doing Transportation and Economic Development Differently”
5. Models for doing regional transportation planning to provide a voice for locals through the statewide process
6. Ideas that could transform transportation demand and services in rural and small metro areas, such as ridesharing and technology change, which are not just for major metro places
7. Learning about economic resilience and how transportation fits in
8. Seeing innovative and effective practices honored through the Excellence in Regional Transportation Awards
9. Tips for aligning regional plans, such as economic development and transportation plans, and for fitting regional planning into a multi-region context in rural and small metro places
10. Methods for using technology to enhance planning, approaches to engagement to gain input and develop solutions, and sources of data and tools for planning

AND Reason 11 to attend: A truly multimodal discussion, with sessions and case studies addressing highways, transit, bicycle, pedestrian, access for people with disabilities, and freight.

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