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Rural ITS Toolkit

December 03, 2018
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In 2018, the National Center for Rural Road Safety released a Rural ITS Toolkit.  The toolkit updates earlier work to provide fact sheets on a variety of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) applications in the areas of crash countermeasures, traffic management, operations and maintenance, emergency services, surface transportation and weather, rural transit and mobility, and tourism and travel information.

Fact sheets for specific applications, ranging from animal collision warnings to automatic vehicle location for rural transit vehicles to dynamic message signs, describe what each application is, how they are applicable, what the key components are, brief implementation examples, considerations for implementation, a cost range, and more information.  The toolkit provides information to assist decision makers, as well as regional rural transportation professionals who may provide transportation information and assistance to member local governments, with enough information to consider ITS projects in their region.

Access the toolkit here.