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Integrating Land Use, Transportation and Economic Development in Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania initiated a statewide effort to integrate land use, transportation and economic development at the regional level through a process known as LUTED, under which the state’s regional planning and development organizations developed regional visions and strategies to identify projects related to multiple issue areas.  In April 2010, the NADO Research Foundation held a Peer Exchange event in Pennsylvania to learn more about this effort.  At this event, a group of transportation planning practitioners from rural and small metropolitan regions across the nation visited three regional planning and economic development organizations based in Pennsylvania: the Southern Alleghenies Planning and Development Commission, SEDA-Council of Governments and Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission.  The proceedings report Integrating Land Use, Transportation and Economic Development in Pennsylvania(PDF) describes the background of regional planning and the LUTED process in Pennsylvania, and provides case studies of how the three organizations observed on the Peer Exchange approached the integration of land use, transportation and economic development planning in their regions.    This report was produced through the NADO Research Foundation’s Center for Transportation Advancement and Regional Development under a cooperative agreement with the Federal Highway Administration.

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