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RPO America Elects Officers

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Last month, the membership of RPO America elected new officers, who will lead RPO America, as the national professional association for rural and small metro transportation planning professionals, for a two-year term.  The meeting took place during the 2019 National Regional Transportation Conference.

The RPO America officers include:

  • Chair: Rick Green, Upper Savannah Council of Governments (SC)
  • Vice Chair: Robert Hiett, Upper Coastal Plain Council of Governments (NC)
  • Secretary: Gena McCullough, Bi-State Regional Commission (IL/IA)

RPO America is a program affiliate of NADO, and RPO America membership includes all members of NADO.  The National RPO Council of Peers serves as the leadership of RPO America, and the RPO America officers serve as the steering committee for the RPO Council.  For more information on RPO America, visit

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