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FHWA Webinar: Implementing an e-STIP — What, Why and How?

June 04, 2015
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This summer, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) will release a set of resources on electronic Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (e-STIP). The resources—an interactive e-STIP prototype, guidebook, and white paper on using an e-STIP to support performance-based planning and programming—will help agencies consider implementing an e-STIP or adapting an existing e-STIP to support performance measurement.

FHWA is hosting a webinar series on the new e-STIP re-sources for State DOTs, MPOs and RTPOs, and transit agencies. The webinar will address:

  • Benefits of an e-STIP
  • Key issues associated with e-STIP implementation
  • Demonstration of an e-STIP prototype

FHWA will offer the same webinar content at three different times:

  • Tuesday, June 16 from 1-2:30 PM (EST) and 5-6:30 PM EST
  • Wednesday, June 17 from 3-4:30 PM (EST)

To participate in the webinar during any of the above times, use the following link and dial the number 877.336.1839; passcode 668-4573. For questions, contact Lorrie Lau at