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FHWA and FTA Release Transportation Planning Process Briefing Book

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The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) have released an updated version of the Transportation Planning Process Briefing Book (PDF). This is a key resource for educating planners and planning stakeholders about the federally required state and regional transportation planning process.

The briefing book provides detail on roles and responsibilities, particularly for state departments of transportation, metropolitan planning organizations, and public transportation operators, and offers details that are particularly useful for orientation for new planning professionals or for new board members.  The document describes how non-metropolitan Regional Transportation Planning Organizations (RTPO) fit into the planning process.  Although much of the regional-level information is focused on metropolitan planning due to the large number of statutory requirements for metropolitan areas, the Briefing Book is a good source for basic information about the transportation planning process and key actors.  For regions of the United States where certain aspects of a non-metropolitan RTPO mirror MPO organizational structure and functions, the information in the Briefing Book offers useful explanatory material, as well as in cases where regional transportation planning needs to address a technical planning issue, such as air quality.

Find the Briefing Book and other key resources from FHWA and FTA at the Transportation Planning Capacity Building website,

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