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Supply Chain Needs and Industrial Site Selection Decisions

August 19, 2015 @ 1:00 am - 2:30 pm


Manufacturers, retailers, and other companies that ship goods rely heavily on an efficient and reliable freight transportation system to optimize their supply chains and minimize their costs.  Transportation system efficiency is critical in maximizing supply chain efficiency.  However, some factors that impact supply chain efficiency do not directly relate to transportation but can impact the transportation network.  One such factor is the siting of freight-generating facilities.  These facilities, particularly industrial facilities such as distribution centers, often have a wide range of transportation-related needs, such as proximity to major highways, railroad lines, water ports, or airports, and easy site access for tractor-trailers, that can create challenges for both communities and government transportation agencies if the freight-generating development needs are not fully understood.  Additionally, industrial, commercial, and other types of development are also important for economic development purposes, and economic development considerations such as jobs and tax base also play a role in site selection decisions, and indirectly influence the transportation impacts of freight-generating land development.  Though site selection is primarily a land use consideration, those business location decisions are significantly influenced by transportation and economic development considerations, which themselves are directly related to business supply chain needs.

This Federal Highway Administration Talking Freight webinar will discuss the supply chain needs of industrial and other freight-generating developments from the industrial and commercial land development, economic development, and transportation perspectives.  Register at


Topics and Presenters:  

Supply Chain and Site Location Needs – Industrial Real Estate Developer Perspective

This presentation will discuss how industrial real estate developers and site selection consultants examine freight-generating business location needs to find the preferred locations for development.


  • Curtis Spencer (President) and Steve Schellenberg, IMS Worldwide


Supply Chain and Site Location Needs – Economic Development and Freight Transportation Facility Perspective

This presentation will discuss how major freight facilities work with manufacturing, retail, and other industrial companies to attract complementary industrial and commercial development to areas near their facilities and work to promote economic development within their regions.


  • Russell Held, Virginia Port Authority, Vice-President of Economic Development


Supply Chain and Site Location Needs – Freight Company Transportation Optimization Perspective

This presentation will discuss how freight manufacturers and retailers work to maximize the efficiency of their supply chains by examining transportation network flows and ensuring their facilities are ideally located.


  • Richard Langer, Quetica LLC, Managing Director


August 19, 2015
1:00 am - 2:30 pm




Federal Highway Administration

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