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November 22, 2013
Alternative Energy, Resources

Rentech operates an industrial facility in East Dubuque, Illinois, which uses natural gas as a feedstock to produce ammonia. The feedstock arrives via pipeline, and the ammonia leaves the operation by either rail or highway. Rentech is in the process of studying a possible switch to one which will use coal as the main feedstock using gasification technology. This may have an impact on the local transportation system as the feedstock is changed and production may increase. In addition, Rentech plans to build a commercial synthetic fuels plant (coal-to-liquid) in Natchez, Mississippi. Phase one of site construction is expected to be complete by 2011 and will produce 1,600 barrels of transportation fuel per day. Subsequently, phase two expansion of the site will produce an additional 28,000 barrels of fuel per day. Transportation issues will include the delivery of feedstock to the site, distribution of the fuel, and transport of the captured carbon to Denbury Resources for oil recovery in the region.

For more information, visit Rentech’s Web site here.