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Census 2010 and other Census Bureau Products

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The Census Bureau has released three products useful for geographic analysis.  These include:

  • TIGERweb: a web-based map viewer for boundaries and features stored in the MAF/TIGER geographic database, using 2010 Census geographic boundaries and features
  • KML File Prototypes: 2010 Census counties and census tract KML files are available as prototypes; feedback on the type of layers and attributes that should be included is requested by February 28, 2012
  • 1992 TIGER/Line Files: zipped into county packages and available on the Census ftp site

For more information or to offer suggestions for additional geographic and cartographic products, contact [email protected].

In addition, FHWA hosted training on using American FactFinder 2 and Data Ferrett.  The recordings of these events are posted online, along with several additional documents for Data Ferrett:

December 19, 2011 webinar on Data Ferrett (you may need to skip to minute 12 since until the recording is edited)

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