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Talking Freight Webinar 9/18: Delivery by Drone

September 13, 2019
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On Wednesday, September 18, 1:00 – 2:30 p.m., the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) will host a webinar in its Talking Freight monthly series on Delivery by Drone: Examining Benefits, Impacts, and Regulations.

To improve the efficiency of freight movements, various emerging technologies are being studied and in some cases implemented.  One of those new technologies is using drones to make package deliveries.  Drones, which are relatively small, remote controlled, aerial vehicles that can fly short to intermediate length distances many feet above the ground, may have the potential to significantly alter or enhance freight deliveries, particularly for smaller-sized shipments and in high density urban areas where traffic congestion creates challenges for freight carriers.  Despite the possible benefits, there are also concerns about drone shipments, both from freight carriers, who worry their customers’ products or the drones themselves may be stolen or damaged by people who unintentionally or intentionally tamper with the shipments, and from government agencies, who fear drones could violate airspace regulations, create safety hazards, or invade on people’s privacy.  The benefits vs. costs of drone deliveries, both in freight delivery operational and fiscal efficiency terms and in societal impact terms, are still in the process of being determined.

This webinar will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of delivery drones relative to other freight transportation modes.  It will also examine some of the operational and regulatory considerations that will need to be addressed if or when drone deliveries increase in the future.

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