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FHWA Talking Freight Webinar on 11/20: Curbside Delivery

November 13, 2019
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On November 20, 1:00 – 2:30 p.m. ET, the Federal Highway Administration will hold the webinar Curbside Delivery Challenges and Opportunities as part of its monthly Talking Freight web seminar series.

Freight transportation issues and needs often have a particularly significant impact in urban areas.  One of the major issues urban areas are working to address is curbside delivery issues.  In many cities and towns, there is a relative lack of parking allocated for short-term freight deliveries, either along the street curbs or off the street in loading/unloading zones or parking lots adjacent to the business.  The lack of freight parking near the businesses and increasingly residential buildings receiving goods often forces freight delivery truck drivers to improvise, encouraging drivers to drive around the block multiple times until parking becomes available, park in non-freight dedicated locations, or double park near the destination delivery location in a roadway travel lane.  Municipalities are increasingly aware these behaviors can increase congestion in their communities, and the inability for trucks to park also helps drive up the cost of goods.

The webinar speakers and presentations will mainly have an urban focus, but lessons learned may be applicable in the downtown areas and Main Streets of smaller cities and towns.

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