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Aging, Disability, and Transportation Resource Center Partnership with Retirees Association

October 14, 2015
2015, Excellence Awards, Older Adults, Transit

For the last five years, the Lower Savannah Council of Governments (LSCOG) has operated an Aging, Disability, and Transportation Resource Center (ADTRC) that provides integrated information and assistance with benefits counseling, family care-giving, and long-term care options. LSCOG has expanded the program through the LSCOG ADTRC and Savannah River Site Retirees Association Partnership. The Savannah River Site is a Department of Energy installation that has been one of the region’s largest employers for decades, and its retirees live in all counties of the region. During the past year, the partnership has added a center to provide assistance with new benefits for SRSRA members. The SRSRA Resource Center is staffed by a part-time volunteer coordinator and a large and dedicated group of volunteers. Together the two organizations have been able to reach many more retirees than before, and at a recent celebration, U.S. Senator Lindsay Graham referred to the partnership as “unique in the country and worthy of replication!”

This project received a 2015 NADO Innovation Award. For more information, contact:

William Molnar | Executive Director |

Aiken, SC | 803.649.7981 |